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The Heart of Brazil

International students thrive at each of our global urban campuses. In São Paulo, they become part of the country’s main economic artery. In Rio de Janeiro, they witness incredible creativity and beauty. And in Porto Alegre, they have the opportunity to enjoy quintessential Brazilian culture.  


We have close partnerships with some of Brazil’s most exciting companies. We provide our students with the support required to secure internships that benefit their careers for years to come. Over 90% of our students are already employed, or running their own businesses, when they graduate.

Research and Teaching

ESPM’s professors are actively engaged in their fields, as well as in academic research. This ensures that our teaching methods and courses are directly based on current best practices in both pedagogy and in each of the fields we cover.


We are grateful to be known throughout Brazil as a leader in our field. As just one recent acknowledgement of our strong and growing reputation, the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo has chosen us for two years in a row, as the best place in the country to study Marketing and Communications.