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ESPM graduate degree programs are designed to serve professionals who want to improve their career prospects at companies, governmental bodies, and NGOs. Our graduate courses offer students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in their fields of interest while significantly expanding their professional networks.

Our teaching staff is comprised of academically qualified professionals (all holding masters and doctoral degrees) who have significant work experience as well as a command of innovative educational methods. Our faculty brings a balanced approach to the ESPM graduate program that helps students develop a solid conceptual base, a pragmatic vision of real-world business challenges, and the ability to make critical decisions to solve everyday problems.

All courses are taught in Portuguese, with the exception of the MBA in Agribusiness and the International Executive MBA, which offers limited courses in English.

Graduate Degree Programs


  • Executive MBA
  • Master in Marketing
  • Graduate Program in Digital Journalism
  • Graduate Program in Strategy, Innovation and Design
  • MBA:
    • Agribusiness
    • Consumer Behavior
    • Digital Marketing
    • Market Management
    • Real Estate Business
    • Sports Business
    • Trade Marketing


  • Graduate Program in Market Administration and Entrepreneurship
  • Graduate Program in Market Administration and Marketing
  • Graduate Program in Integrated Organizational Communication
  • Graduate Program in Marketing and Digital Design 
  • Graduate Program in Film and Media Production
  • MBA:
    • Consumer Behavior and Business Strategy
    • Entertainment Management
    • Market Administration and Competitive Intelligence
    • Strategic Marketing


  • International Executive MBA
  • Graduate Program in Politics and Government Relations
  • Graduate Program in Retail Management
  • MBA:
    • Branding
    • Consumer Behavior
    • Digital Marketing
    • Fashion Marketing
    • Finance and Corporate Governance
    • Project Management
    • Sales and Relationship Management
    • Strategic Business Management
    • Strategic Leadership of Business and People

For MSc and PhD programs please refer to Research