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Non-Degree Programs

Continuing Education Courses

ESPM offers short- and medium-term programs for students and professionals who wish to increase their knowledge in a specific area as well as gain new practical skills and theoretical knowledge. These programs are intended to benefit individuals who wish to explore new business areas, improve their job skills, change or expand careers, and get up to speed on current market trends. Our programs include the classic areas of business education as well as new trends in communication, marketing, and management.

ESPM Innovation and Creativity Center

With more than 50 different individual courses taught each year, the ESPM Innovation and Creativity Center at ESPM São Paulo is a cutting-edge center designed to inspire students to innovate, foster leadership, and uncover trends in today’s market. It’s an environment designed for originality, geared towards professionals who wish to work in a highly dynamic and creative work environment and lead the way for top global brands.

Summer and Winter Courses

During vacation periods, ESPM offers short courses in the areas of marketing, communications, digital, management, sales, design, and creativity. Some courses rotate around the country to cities that do not have campuses.

Sustainable Development and social Responsabiliza

This program aims to enhance a your knowledge of concepts, discourses, practices and relevance of social responsibility and sustainability in modern management and corporate strategy.  Through the detection of ways to create strategies focused on socially conscious development, the program will encourage you to mobilize and transform their social and environmental realities.


Social Entrepreneurship

The program provides you with a better understanding of social entrepreneurship, wherein the purpose is to develop a business, project or action that aim to better our world and society.  Through discovering opportunities and challenges to socially conscious enterprises the program will expand your view of 'entrepreneurship' and its potential impacts on society.


Online Learning

ESPM has produced online courses and other forms of digital learning with the goal of making educational content available to a national audience in Brazil. Currently, programs are only available in Portuguese.

Miami Ad School at ESPM

Since 2002, ESPM has partnered with the Miami Ad School to pioneer thought-leadership and innovation in advertising education. Widely regarded as one of the best advertising schools in the world, Miami Ad School is known as the School of Pop Culture Engineering. Our collaboration focuses on all aspects of marketing, including design, creative writing, fine art, and more. We understand what’s happening in the real world of global communications and bring it into our classrooms.

Our collaboration prepares students to produce great ideas across all media and offers students opportunities to study and intern with the most creative agencies in the world.

Miami Ad School at ESPM offers joint two-year programs in creation and design, boot camps in communication planning, fulfillment agencies, and shorter courses (Miami Pro). Miami Ad School at ESPM is based in São Paulo – though as of 2013, we’ve expanded to the Rio de Janeiro campus as well.