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We are happy to provide a list of trusted partner hotels that can accommodate students in their first days in town. We also refer students to a number of agencies that specialize in helping international students find a place to live.

On-campus accommodations or student dormitories are not the norm for Brazilian universities. Both Brazilian and international students generally share rented flats, also known as Repúblicas, often located close to campus. Living with other students provides international students with a built-in social network, an immersive learning and intercultural experience, and the ability to more fully integrate into the local culture.

Sharing an apartment can help reduce costs dramatically. Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are expensive cities, with rents for full apartments as high as R$1,600 per month. Renting a flat on your own can be a bit tricky in Brazil as a local guarantor and references from previous landlords is often necessary; this is why assistance from an agency is recommended.

In São Paulo, most students prefer to live close to campus in the neighborhood of Vila Mariana. The neighborhood is safe and very active in terms of leisure and culture – both day and night. It is also very well connected to the Metro system, which is the best way to move around the city without a car.