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Advanced Studies

The ESPM Centre for Advanced Studies (CAEPM) promotes innovation-driven knowledge. It focuses on communication, management, marketing, and consumption. It is linked to the academic programs in Business Administration, Social Communication, Journalism, Design, and International Relations.


CAEPM conducts research at the forefront of knowledge. We identify gaps and help focus research on areas of particular interest to ESPM. The research agenda is determined by two mechanisms:

1. Internal Submission

Professors at ESPM are encouraged to submit research projects for funding. Current projects include:

  • Diversity Management and Open Doors Policy as Critical Factors for Successful Innovation
  • South-South International Academic Mobility
  • Advertising Expenditure in Brazil and Its Link to the International Economy
  • Online Maturity Index Based on Digital Analytics
  • Data-driven Journalism and Democracy: New Tools of Research Journalism and Its Contributions to the Political Accountability Process in Brazil
  • Brands and Sustainability: When Does Sustainability Benefit Brands?
  • Consumption and Advertising Education from Literary Products
  • Cyberjournalism Systems: Products and Applications for Contemporary Journalism

2. Independent Projects

CAEPM staff and visiting professors conduct independent studies funded by institutions and the private sector. Current projects include:

  • Different Lifestyles of People over 55
  • Comparative Study of Marketing Ethics Codes
  • Proactive Youth
  • Brazil as a Brand

Dissemination of Knowledge

CAEPM researchers promote the dialogue between business and academia through:

  • Participating in national and international academic meetings and activities organized by companies and institutions;
  • Publishing in print and electronic formats including books and journals;
  • Organizing events such as lectures, courses, and conferences, including the International Symposia of Business Administration and Marketing (held annually since 2006) and the ESPM Cycles of Communication and Marketing (conducted biennially since 2005, formerly called ESPM Meetings).

Organizational Structure

CAEPM stimulates the research culture within ESPM through a combination of flexibility and dialogue. Its team includes Ricardo Camargo Zagallo (director), Maria Caramez Carlotto (researcher), Viviane Tavares Mota (assistant), and Sul Ângela Ravazzolo (research coordinator). We rely on a scientific committee with representatives from all courses and units of the school to help set research priorities and select projects supported by the center.

Distinguished Visiting Scholars

  • Chris Csikzsentmihalyi – Director at MIT Center for Civic Media and Computing Culture Group 
  • Juan Antonio Giner – Senior Researcher at Harvard University and President at Innovation International Media Consulting Group
  • François Soulages – Professor at University of Paris VII and Director at Collége Iconique of INA
  • Brian Silverman – Former Professor at Harvard Business School and Professor at University of Toronto
  • Daniel Miller – PhD in Anthropology and Archaeology at Cambridge University and Professor at University College London
  • Gary Gross – History Professor at Pennsylviania State University
  • Alan Warde – Professorial Research Fellow at Sustainable Research Institute and Professor at University of Manchester
  • Stuart Ewen – Professor at Department of Film and Media Studies at Hunter College, CUNY
  • Sam Ewen – Director at Interference Incorporated-Unparalleled Guerrilla
  • Derrick de Kerckhove – Director at McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology at University of Toronto
  • Israel Nebenzahl – Professor at da Bar-Ilan University and Director at American Marketing Association (AMA)
  • Tomislav Mandakovic – Professor and Associate Dean at Florida International University
  • Jorge Talavera – Cofounder and Executive Director at CLADEA, the Latin American parallel of AACSB
  • Frank Trentmann – History Professor at Birbeck College, University of London
  • Tamer Cavusgil – Director at Institute of International Business, Georgia State University
  • Rose Lee Hayden – Professor at Michigan State Universty
  • Marta Rosales - Professor at Escola Superior de Comunicação Social and Senior Researcher at University College London

We are seeking additional professors and researchers to support current projects or become visiting lecturers.


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