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Meet our Students

Theo Geindre (Université de Cergy-Pontoise)

“I chose to come to Brazil because, in a way, it was different. While everything might have been easier in the USA or somewhere in Europe, Brazil was a place I could conquer. Not speaking any Portuguese or even Spanish, Brazil was a challenge to me.

When I got here, I was surprised by the strong entrepreneurial spirit in the country. In spite of difficulties, Brazilians are full of energy and always trying to achieve new things. The country is very much alive.

One of the things I liked about ESPM is that although most professors are working actively and full-time in their fields, they are also very close to the students and take time to care of you, your work, and your progress. Also, whereas we mostly had individual assessments back in France, a lot of the coursework at ESPM is done in small groups, which was a great way to enhance my team-working skills.”

Valentine Cheguillaume (IÉSEG)

“Although I had initially wanted to go to Rio de Janeiro, I was very surprised with São Paulo. It is such an amazing city with so much to do and very friendly people.

ESPM has a strong reputation in Brazil and the classes were quite interesting. The whole academic culture is different than it is in France, but I enjoyed learning about it and understanding Brazilian culture from within.”